Hot Water Heaters

Traditional Water Heaters Come in Two Main Types

Hot water heaters

Traditional or storage hot water heaters are typically either gas or electric powered and come in a variety of sizes.  Power source generally varies by geography. 

For example, in Oregon and Washington about forty percent of homes have electric powered heaters while in Northern and Southern California the vast majority of water heaters are gas powered.

Water Heaters Come in a Variety of Sizes

Both residential gas and electric water heaters come in a variety of sizes but the most common are:

  • 40 gallon
  • 50 gallon
  • 66 gallon
  • 75 gallon
  • 80 gallon
  • 120 gallon

The majority of homes have a 40 or 50 gallon tank with the 50 gallon tank being the most common.  Larger tanks such as a 66 or 80 gallon tank are usually only used for very large homes or for homes that have a large soaking tub or jacuzzi.