NavienTankless Gas Water Heaters

With Navien Condensing 98%, you get the best of both worlds: the Best Value and “Ultra Condensing Efficiency,” which offers substantial savings and contributes to a green-friendly environment. Plus, the installation and venting processes are easy, cost effective, and Navien’s products are

simply the best in quality and performance.

Ultra Condensing Efficiency

Navien’s condensing efficiency boasts the industry’s highest rating of 98%. Customers can take advantage of the low annual operating costs and receive the best value and payback, compared with conventional tankless or tank-type water heaters. Navien’s Condensing Tankless offers the highest gallons-per-minu

te (GPM) when comparing input BTUs.

Extended Lifecycle

Navien utilizes dual st

ainless steel heat exchangers, providing 3.8 to 4.5 times longer life-expectancy and erosion resistance over the copper heat exchangers used in other brands. Navien’s stainless steel heat exchangers operate with relatively low water temperature, minimizing damage from hard water conditions and maintains efficiency levels.

Endless Hot Water Supply

Navien Condensing tankless heaters offer safety and an unlimited amount of hot water supply. Consumers love the endless supply of hot, soothing water!

Easily Installed PVC Venting

The high efficiency of Navien’s Condensing Tankless results in lower exhaust temperatures, allowing for the use of 3” PVC.

  • PVC venting offers significant savings in cost and makes installation a breeze.
  • Three-inch PVC venting up to 100ft with a maximum of 6 elbows*

* Each elbow deduct 5′ off of venting length.

Eco Navien Technology

  • • Navien’s condensing technology uses less gas than conventional water heaters, resulting in less CO2 emissions.
  • The Eco Pre-mixed Burner dramatically reduces NOx emission levels, making it the lowest emission levels in the industry.
  • Navien Condensing 98% has become more eco-friendly by dissolving NOx in condensed water to neutralize the alkaline sewage in your house, improving water quality.

Each Navien Unit Installed Equates to 31 Cypress Trees

A Navien Condensing water heater reduces up to 964 lbs of CO2 per year compared to a conventional water heater, and up to 324 lbs of CO2 per year compared to a tankless water heater.

Optional Circulation Pump and Mini Buffer Tank (Model “A”)

  • No minimum flow rate required with optional internal circulation mode
  • Minimize hot/cold/hot stacking, the so called “Cold Water Sandwich”
  • Save installation cost with optional circulation pump and buffer tank

*More than one water heaters in Ready-Link® System are with “A” models, the remaining are Non-A” models. Combining multiple “A” or/and multiple “Non-A” models with “A “ create a hot water circulating cascade system, resulting in water conservation and money savings.

Space Saving Design

Navien’s condensing tankless water heater occupies approximately 90% less space than a tank-type water heater. In addition, a Navien mounts on your wall freeing up valuable floor space.


Advanced Technology

1. Enhanced Safety with Dual Microprocessors.

Navien’s two microprocessors offer better control and safer operation by continuously cross monitoring each other’s performance to assure proper operation at all times. These two microprocessors not only control the burner for ideal combustion but also maintain the steady hot water temperature.

2. Optimal and Stable Combustion with APS and GPS APS.

(Air Pressure Sensor) maximizes combustion efficiency by sensing and controlling the air required for optimal combustion even in high-wind locations and installations with long vent runs.


3. GPS (Gas Pressure Sensor)

GPS offers stable combustion by sensing gas pressure and controlling the fan speed to maintain optimal combustion, even under a wide range of gas-pressure changes.

3. Three-phased, Pre-Mixed Burner

Controls flame by pre-mixing optimal ratio of gas and air before combustion, reducing emissions and enhancing heat efficiency.

4) Leak Detector

Built-in leak detector prevents damage to water heater as well as personal property.

5) Air Intake Filter

An air intake filter prevents foreign substances, such as dust or insects, from entering the system, freeing the burner from elements that would normally cause unstable combustion or energy inefficiency.

Remote Control (NR-10DU)

  • Advanced water heater diagnosis capability and error feedback
  • Touch activated backlight function and Easy-to-Use button type control
  • Built-in recirculation timer for water and energy savings
  • Key-pad lock button prevents inadvertent temperature changes
  • Temperature adjustment in 1°F increments between 98-120°F


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Hydronic heating—transferring heat by water or steam—is the most practical, dependable, efficient and versatile method available for heating your home. Hydronic heating systems work by pumping heated boiler water or steam through sealed systems, warming baseboards, radiators, in-floor radiant tubing or other hydronic devices. Heat is then gently transferred outward to other objects in the room, in a consistent, even, manner.


Because hydronic systems heat by convection and radiation, there is no need for fans or blowers. Unlike the high levels of dust, dirt, allergens and germs found in homes heated with warm air furnaces and heat pumps, hydronic heating systems keep your home clean and healthy. For this reason, many hospitals and schools utilize hydronic heating systems. Hydronic heating systems are also very quiet. There is no noise from air moving in ducts, no loud blowers as with furnaces, and no large motors working to run the entire system.


Everyone wants efficient heating and a hydronic system is an excellent choice! Because warm water or steam travels through a completely sealed piping system to exactly where it is intended, little energy is wasted. In forced air systems, energy is “blown” through ducts to spaces where heat is unnecessary or unwanted.